Saturday, 30 April 2011

The Edit

For the edit we used Adobe premier pro. as with our preliminary exercise I edited half the footage and George the other half. though this can lead to mismatched editing styles which would break the flow of the film we have a similar style so the film still flows between the two parts.
The majority of our edit was done in a short space of time. we were then able to tweak the film to improve it. a lot of time went in to the effects as well.

the effects were applied to the film by using windows movie maker. this was because the school computers didn't have blender/ voodoo or the other softwares I needed so I had to make and edit in the effects using my home computer and I don't have Premiere pro.

one of the problems we encountered was the length of the film. to make the conversations fell natural we had to cut down the time from the animatic drastically. as the timings ruined the pace of the film. this meant the film was only 1:30 long which was 30 seconds to short. we decided to re-shoot instead of lengthening shots as we didn't want to ruin the pacing or continuity of the film.
the extra footage was just a number of establishing shots and a couple of the main character walking, which was in-keeping with the rest of the film and also of the genre.

As mentioned we included a number of visual effects in the film. we decided to use them to have the effects in the "real world" with the characters, this was to enhance the sense of realism which we were trying to achieve with our film.
For this I used a program called blender and also voodoo and Gimp ( GNU Image Manipulation Program)