Sunday, 30 January 2011

Confirming The narrative

This lesson was spent primarily deciding on the final aspects of our narrative. how the characters would react to the situation and so what we would be showing in the final film.

when planning we also had to bear in mind our target audience. this meant we chose to conform to certain conventions of independent films as it was the style which our target audience would come to expect from the genre

we also began work on our storyboard.
Using Google maps we found the location where we wanted to film, and used it to decide on the shots that we wanted and where that would mean the camera would be positioned.

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in deciding on the shots we remembered to think about the conventions of the genre we had discussed previously and how this would affect the shots we chose to use.

Also here are some more influences for our film

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Planning the Narrative

This lesson we decided on the core narrative for our film, and also the Characters which would be in our film.
The film is about 2 people with a grudge that began as something petty. The film is about the situation escalating and the consequences of the characters actions throughout the film. The opening is the present day whilst the film is seen as a flashback. In the opening we see the culmination of the events of the film, which leaves the audience with questions which lead into the rest of the film.
Protagonist, confident arrogant at times.
Friend of James, brother of Sam.bit of a push over.
quick to anger, quiet, subdued,
strong willed, clever, frequently overlooked but accepts it
Target Audience
when we were designing our characters we also bore our target audience in mind. our target audience would be young adults from 18-35. specifically form the south of england as our film was meant to be regional based. so we chose our characters to reflect our target audience as this is commonly see in most independent films.

We also looked at the conventions of the genre, and decided whether we wanted to adhere to them or deliberately flout these conventions.

Conventions of independent films (used or deliberately flouting them)
No non – diegetic music in the opening
Non-linear storyline
Gritty(shown through costume, handheld camera,)
High key lighting for sense of realism
Washed out colour
Shots held for slightly longer. Drawn out 
We took inspiration from inception for the storyline of the film. in that we decided to have the opening as the present day and flashed back for the rest of the film. the style of the opening will however be more closely related to the opening of fish tank.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Film brief

We have now decided on the groups which we will be in for our final exercise, my group is comprised of myself and George. For our film opening we decided to do film brief 3.
Film Brief 3
An independent movie featuring a young protagonist
Your film should appear to be financed through regional funding
(Opening to Fish Tank, This Is England etc)
We felt this would be an ideal brief as its scope is both structured enough to give us a clear path and also open enough to allow us a lot of creative freedom. As it is an independent film the emphasis is on characters rather than high budget special effects, this would allow us to make a high quality film without having to cut corners.