Friday, 25 February 2011

Storyboard and Animatic

In our last lesson we finished our storyboard and made it into an animatic. when creating the story board we made sure to think about how the conventions of the genre would affect the shots and also how we would use our location in the shots.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Location & Storyboarding

This week George and i started work on our storyboard. when deciding on our shots we made sure to refer to the aspects we had discussed in terms of conventional camera angles and editing and whether we wanted to utilise those conventions or deliberately flout them. bearing in mind this will be the opening to an independent film i felt the shots should challenge the conventions regularly seen in most film.
For the inspiration for the sorts of shots we wanted we looked towards videogames namely the Mass effect series, well known for it's dramatic cut scenes and also the latest Halo game, Reach.

this clip is a cut-scene from the early levels of mass effect, the camera in this scene is extremely active it pans and tracks past the characters giving the scene a very dynamic look. this is a more extreme version of the kind of camera actions we would like to use but the same concepts seen here will carry over.
only the first couple of minutes, up to 2:10 of this clip are relevant the rest is game-play.

We also went to our location to get pictures of the area we wanted to film in. This will help us to plan shots as we will have images to reference, and will also help with storyboarding as we would have clear images of what will be in the scene, allowing us to more easily shape the mise-en-scene.