Thursday, 16 September 2010

Media Diary for 48 hours

For our first task we were asked the detail all the media we consumed whether actively or passively for 2 days.


  • internet- bbc news/bbc weather

  • read newspaper(daily mail)

  • Bus poster on walk to sixth form

  • posters at sixth form

  • advertisments on posters in town at lunchtime

  • used my computer( youtube, bbc iplayer, music)

  • bbc news(national and south today)

  • read newspaper( adverts, news stories)


  • newspaper at breakfast

  • morning tv

  • school posters

  • videos in lessons

  • used game console(ps3, playstation network, games)

  • used computer( editing footage, youtube, msn, music)


    Wednesday, 8 September 2010

    Hello world!

    Hello. My name is Martin kearl and this is my blog for my media studies course at Ringwood school. I will be updating this with the progress I make in the course.