Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Production shoot day 2

Our second day also went well. we managed to finish all the filming. due to the problems we had with our actor before George recast the role. we had more freedom this time as we weren't as rushed for time as before, (our actors had work to do) so we spent the time setting the shots up perfectly and re-doing those which were missed before.
unfortunately it was a very windy day so the audio captured is not usable, we had recorded background noise the day before however so we plan to dub over the film once it's edited.

here are the production shots of day 2.

Alice - Beth Turner

unfortunately we don't have footage for production day 2 as it was not properly transferred off the camera, and the footage has now been deleted.Luckily the footage that was lost was not needed for the actual film.

Production shoot day 1

Our first day of production went well. we managed to get the majority of the filming done. this included every shot from the chip shop sequence to the end of the film. we were filming with Paul and Ollie two of our 3 males characters in the opening.
unfortunately one of ours actors was unavailable so we weren't able to shoot the entirety of the opening that day. overall I felt the filming went well. the shots we managed to capture were well done. we did have to work around a large amount of people as it was market day when we were filming and also the timing was close to lunch.
included are a number of photographs of the costume and props used. there was not a huge amount to do in terms of costume as the cast in our opening were people our age from a similar background.

Sam- Ollie Francis


    Paul- Paul Richards

James - George Attwill

this final picture was taken as a reference shot as we will be having some simple visual effects for the titles. and one includes the use of this wall.

Whilst filming we also had another camera set up to show a behind the scenes view of the actual production shoot

Monday, 7 March 2011

Preparing for first production shoot

there are a number of digital effects which we plan to use in the film. this is so the titles are more dynamic.  for example a banner on a building bearing the name of the film, and also another as graffiti on a wall. we chose to do these effects digitally as there is no way we can do it in reality.
because of the amount if time involved in these kind of shots I begun work on them before our production shoot. 

Our first production shoot will be on Wednesday 9th march. our actors have been cast. costume worked out and we are ready to begin production. our aim is to get all the footage shot during this shoot.
We will be using one of the school cameras as we can then easily edit using premiere pro. I will also bring along my camera to document the production process.

Production schedule:

Wednesday 9th march
      11:10 - 2:10 (school period 3 onwards)
Thursday 10 th march
      11:10 - 12 :50 (school period 3-4)

we will need to assemble our cast: 
James: George Attwill

Sam: Ollie Francis

Paul: Paul Richards

Alice: Beth Turner

Props needed:



Hoodie/leather jacket for Sam
Fake blood
standard teenage wear for other characters